Bambino Concepts

Mompreneur: Rachel
Business: Bambino Concepts

Rachel is a 23 year-old wife and mother. She has a 2 year-old daughter.
Rachel is currently working in the Hospitality Industry, a field known to be a demanding and stressful work environment. She found herself feeling quite guilty working full-time with a growing daughter at home. Her work-week is long, with busy weekends and unpredictable days off.
Rachel has made the decision to work towards entrepreneurship. She desires a different path with more freedom, working towards something that she’s passionate about, while allowing her more time to dedicate to her daughter.
Hence Bambino Concepts was born.
Bambino Concepts is a one stop shop for unique children’s products and essentials, dedicated for both parents and their children. Inspired by her daughter, Rachel wanted to create a brand that represents a young and free-spirited soul. Offering a children’s clothing line and baby essentials.
Bambino Concepts also partners with different Mompreneurs and feature various products in store. Their aim is to connect, inspire and to share.


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Smile Center

Mompreneur: Emilie
Business: Smile Center

Emilie & Daughter


Emilie is the founder of Smile Center, a cosmetic teeth whitening salon and the caring mum of a one-year-old girl named Emma. She tries to find the right balance between motherhood and running a business, in order to have the work done without missing her daughter’s milestones.  


In 2013 when Emilie moved from Switzerland to Hong Kong with her husband, she saw an opportunity for cosmetic teeth whitening as this service didn’t really exist in Hong Kong. In today’s society, image plays an essential role, this is why Emilie decided to listen to herself and go for it!



She started from scratch with the help of her husband and opened Smile Center in 2015. Located at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Smile Center offers the latest technology in cosmetic teeth whitening to recover the whiteness of your teeth.

Her aim is to offer high quality, effective and safe cosmetic treatments at an affordable price so that her services are accessible to everyone.

Emilie & EmmaEmilie says, “Researches show that a whiter smile helps to boost the self-esteem, at Smile Center our team is fully dedicated to giving you back this confidence by helping you to get this beaming smile you are dreaming of”.

Emilie is happy to offer a 20% discount on cosmetic teeth whitening treatments to 852 Mamas Members! Details will be mentioned in our monthly newsletter! 

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Peajuu & Co.

Mompreneur: Edwina
Business: Peajuu & Co.

Peajuu and Co.

Edwina is SAHmama to two beautiful kids, Lily (almost 3) and Liam (5 months old). She started Peajuu & Co. last year whilst pregnant with Liam and will be launching the business here in Hong Kong this Summer.


Peajuu & Co. is all about creating unique, stylish and comfortable coordinated outfits for mamas and their minis. Soon after Lily was born, Edwina began designing and making matching outfits for them. Designs were chic, not overly cheesy and needed to be breastfeeding friendly (super important as Lily ended up nursing for 2 years!). After receiving lots of compliments from strangers and friends, and a huge amount of encouragement from her husband, Edwina started Peajuu & Co. to share the fun with other mamas and their kids.


Great thought is placed into picking the right fabric for comfort and creating one-of-a-kind designs both mamas and their minis would love to wear together. The outfits are all hand made in limited quantities by a small family-run workshop and individually checked for quality. Currently the first collection is for mamas and their little girls, however Edwina plans to extend her products to papas and little boys too (once life with 2 kids + no help gets a little easier for her) – so please stay tuned!


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