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Chhin Lee is the mother of a little superhero named Avelyn. Chhin recently launched her website, Little Monkey. 

Since the birth of her daughter in 2016, Chhin has found it difficult to navigate the city where she lived in for the last 6 years – from the perspective of a new mother. As someone who is always out and about, she kept asking and searching for more places that were child-friendly to take her little monkey. And in her search, she realizes that the information is out there but scattered and in bits and pieces.

So, during a break from her corporate career, the idea for Little Monkey started to form about a directory where mamas, papas, and even caretakers, can search and review childfriendly facilities in Hong Kong. In addition, the users can rely on the reviews of fellow parents, thus creating a bigger community of shared knowledge.

little-monkey-logo_headerCurrently, there are three categories on Little Monkey: Nursing/Changing Room, Playgrounds/Parks, and Child-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes. New categories are in the works along with a Traditional Chinese version and an app to easily search while on the go!

Chhin’s goal is for our community of parents to help shape and make Hong Kong into a more child-friendly city. When you’re looking for nursing facilities or any other child-friendly facilities please remember to check out

Sign up today and post a review of a few of your favorite child-friendly cafes or parks! Feel free to send over a suggestion to help improve the directory for other parents.

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Launch party

You’re invited to Little Monkey’s Launch Party!

Saturday, June 30th at 12:30 pm

Bring yourself and your little one to E3 Club Play House at iSquare for a magic show and an entry to enjoy the venue for the rest of the day! Check out E3 Club at

How can you join for free? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1) Register as a free member at and write at least one review of a facility you’ve been to!

2) Follow and like our Instagram page @littlemonkeyhongkong

3) Register for the event on

More for details, please check our event description on Facebook.

Mama Goes to Market

Diary of an 852 Mama

Our very own 852 Mamas hosted its first Mama Market this week, it was brilliant to meet new Mamas and to check out the Mompreneurs around Hong Kong creating amazing products for mamas and their bubs.

Bub and I set off with plenty of time to spare (a new thing we have discovered that is crucial to getting anywhere on time). We adventured all the way across the water into Tsim Sha Tsui (also known as “The Other Side”). To this day it amazes me how many of us that live on the island side are convinced that TST is a vast ocean away and will more readily fly to Japan than take the 15 minute cab ride (or 5 minute train) to The Other Side. I digress.

We were welcomed warmly by the staff at Baumhaus who were hosting the Mama Market with 852 Mamas.


The Malabar Baby stall was very impressive, it was hard not to buy the muslin with avocados printed all over it (I have discovered it is in fact possible to have too many muslins, sadly). I already own a fair amount of Malabar products thanks to a lovely mama friend who got me onto the brand and showered me with gifts for Bub and I. My favorite item at home is their organic snug blanket with parrots and leaves. Bub loves it!

I did treat Bub with the cutest hand crafted mini loafers with smiling sushis all over them from Pepper & Mints stall at the Mama Market. It’s fantastic that Pepper & Mint supports Volunteer for the Visayans, a charity based in the Philippines with each sale made.  The mini shoes were too cute not to have and it was hard to choose a style, there were so many options!


IMG_7188There were also a number of mamas who had brought their own pre-loved items for sale at the Mama Market. Again, a fantastic concept because we all know how fast we go through clothes in the early months, our bubs grow so fast. Even better, the clothes not sold go to Mother’s Choice, a local charity serving children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong.


The best part of the market had to be meeting other mamas and sharing stories. Every time I go somewhere new I am always so glad I was brave and adventured with Bub beyond the Kennedy Town streets of home.

I confess, most times I decide to go somewhere by myself with Bub, I then hesitate at the thought. I get nervous about leaving the house and I anxiously consider all the unnecessary ‘what ifs’:

What if Bub loses it and starts to cry uncontrollably for no reason?

What if he has a poo explosion in the taxi?

What if I get lost in Harbour City shopping precinct?

That last ‘what if’ is a legitimate worry – I get lost every single time I enter that metropolis maze of intertwining high end fashion stores in Harbour City, each shop and entrance looks the same as the shop before. It’s like walking into a kaleidoscope that keeps repeating itself. I digress again…

Looking forward to the next Mama Market! While many of our friends around HK may be finalizing their jet setting plans for a jaunt to Hoi An or a weekender in Taipei, I will be doing something equally as thrilling: Introducing Solids to Bub. Stay tuned for the next post -will let you know how it goes!

S xx

Editors Note: A very special thank you to our vendors who were also at the Mama Market: Anthea Cooper, Wander Cubs, Peajuu & Co., as well as the local Hong Kong charity Sons & Daughters


Sophia is a new mum, slowly adapting to the many changes that a new baby brings to life. She is a keen writer and adventurer who loves to travel, although now considers leaving the house and walking around Kennedy Town, where she lives, an adventure in itself (ah, how times change post baby).

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