Pen & Paper House

Mompreneur: Tiana

Business: Pen & Paper House

Profile Picture_PPHHello, I am Tiana Chellaram and I am a Mum of two with a baby on the way.  I have a business degree from Georgetown University, and have worked at several fashion houses including LVMH and Chanel.  Having had an adventurous life in Africa, Europe, India, the Middle East, and now Hong Kong, my love for letter writing started very young, as it was my way of staying connected despite all my travels.

As an expat moving around the globe, I’ve always believed in the etiquette of the written word. Receiving a letter is much more heartwarming than a text message or email, which just doesn’t quite say it like a handwritten note.  A personally written correspondence card arriving at your doorstep can be the most touching and comforting of moments in a new city, especially when it is beautifully presented.

That’s why I started Pen & Paper House in November of 2016: to provide you with exquisite bespoke paper to match the sentiment of your words.  My imaginative little girls bring out the creative side of me, and I take a lot of my design inspiration from my children’s ideas, my background in fashion, and my love for art and travel.  When my girls started learning to write I noticed they would always draw and decorate their paper, which inspired me to create stationery personalized to their individual styles.  After that, handwriting practice became a breeze!

As a gift for someone special, as your personal set, for pen pals, and for your little ones, we hope our stationery will convert you into stationery addicts just like us!!

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Babaloo Baby

Mompreneur: Janine

Business: Babaloo Baby


Hello everyone!

I am Janine Jeejeebhoy. I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design at the Chelsea School of Art and The London College of Graphic Design. After graduating I set up my own graphic design studio called The Design Co., where I was blessed with the opportunity to work on many exciting creative projects.

Soon after I became a mother of three lively boys – the eldest being 10 years old, and my twin boys who are 3 years old. Having used my creative energy in various projects over many years, I recently had the inspiration to draw pictures that could stimulate the imagination of children in an unconventional way using familiar motifs and playing with colour and lights! The unique designs can all be incorporated with fairy lights fixed within the art which make a perfect setting for a bed time story – your little ones will be in awe as the stars sparkle on their walls.

All mums have a unique pet name for their babies – mine has always been babaloo!!!

I hope you and your kids will love these creations as much as mine do!

Babaloo Baby offers a fresh, exciting range of artwork that stimulate the imagination of children in an unconventional way using familiar motifs and playing with colors and lights!

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