An Ode to the Pram Fan

Pram Fan, I laughed at you when I first saw you clipped onto another baby’s pram, for this I am sorry.

“That’s abit over the top” I thought, “Does a baby really need a fan?” pre-Bub Sophia was clearly a fool. So judgey. She had No. Idea. Whatsoever.

Post-Bub Sophia knows her place and has seen the error of her ways.

Pram Fan, you are a god. Let me count the ways:

You keep Bub from roasting in the stroller in the Hong Kong streets of sweltering summer.

You clip to anything, anytime, anywhere.IMG_7515

You are so mobile, you can be used while breastfeeding to fan mama as well as Bub.

You can transform to Hand Fan when Bub is in the ergo baby carrier and you get hot so close to mama or dad.

Your gentle breeze has the magical power to soothe Bub to sleep.

You don’t eliminate sweat (impossible in 90% humidity) but you do a good job of keeping it manageable for Bub.

What’s more, your cool air fans away mosquitoes and those dreadful midges that lurk in green areas of HK from the pram.

Nothing hurts more than when your battery runs out in the middle of a walk, and Bub returns to his sauna-like state, melting away with no respite.

You are the best $78 I have spent this summer (i.e. $13 Australian, $10 US).

Others may laugh, but I don’t care. You are glorious. You are the enabler.

You allow us so much more adventure for six months of the year, which would be otherwise intolerable.

I cannot, nay, will not, go without you ever again.

Quite simply, Pram Fan, I love you.

S xx


Sophia is a new mum, slowly adapting to the many changes that a new baby brings to life. She is a keen writer and adventurer who loves to travel, although now considers leaving the house and walking around Kennedy Town, where she lives, an adventure in itself (ah, how times change post baby).

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