iStyle HK

Mompreneur: Karishma

Business: iStyle HK

Karishma moved from Manila to Hong Kong after getting married in 2016. She is Indian born & raised in the Philippines. She has an eight year old son, Shaye and a three year old daughter, Seher. Karishma loves spending time and doing activities with her children. Karishma does her best to balance being a Mother and Entrepreneur, finding the right balance can be challenging at times.

In 2009 a couple of friends approached Karishma to design their homes. From there her clientele grew by word-of-mouth referrals. Karishma also spent some time designing footwear for women. Upon moving from Manila, Karishma’s own home became her portfolio and she spent time getting accustomed to Hong Kong. Karishma imbibed the constructive knowledge of designing, organizing her work, and separating and creating boundaries between her personal, family and professional relationships. Since starting iStyle,  Karishma is constantly researching and sourcing new ideas through various social networking platforms. She feels it is great to share her work and learn from new people. Karishma’s philosophy simply is “what you can imagine you can create”. She encourages others to “try not to limit your thoughts and go for something new each time”.

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