Summer with Bub in Hong Kong

Images of lazing on a junk boat in Victoria Harbour, casual drink in hand with the carefree smile of a full night’s sleep are nowhere to be found as I wrestle with the remote control of the air conditioner in my two bedroom flat, with Bub in the other arm, cursing randomly. This is, unfortunately, a daily routine.

Our air-con at home has two functions, the first is, fan (read: moving around the already hot air that turns our apartment into a fiery furnace) or, ice cave. Never has my interest in temperature been so great now that we have Bub and quite frankly I just can’t win. Should we dress Bub in long sleeve thin pajamas and have the ice cave blowing wind at us all night like the dragon Viserion in Game of Thrones blasting icicles onto our faces? Or, shall I put Bub in a singlet and watch him drench his little back with sweat in hot-fan-furnace mode? Neither is ideal.

My better half and I have reached an unusual happy medium (which somehow still involves me sweating at 4am) where we have the aircon in our second bedroom/cupboard, blowing cool air into our main bedroom. No direct air on Bub: tick. No more icicles on face: tick. Mildly acceptable conditions for sleep: tick.

None of this, sadly, involves me glistening at Lower Cheung Sha beach drinking aperol spritzes (no chance of that here). Summer has now become a war with temperature, thank you tropical Hong Kong. None of this seemed to matter as much pre-baby because, let’s be honest, I have never spent this much time at home in my life. Now it is critically important to get the balance right!

The other major adjustment is when to leave the house during the day – in this heat, strolling Bub around at midday would be no different to wheeling him around in a small oven. So we try to be smart and save our ‘adventures’ (read: short walks or cab rides to malls and cafes close by) to either early-ish in the morning or after 3pm. Midday walks are pretty offensive, and I don’t like that I am getting to know my body’s capacity to sweat in such great detail.

Poor Bub has picked up the sweaty gene from me (sorry little man) so we move around town strategically now, spending the hottest parts of the day at home, doing the usual air con routine I mentioned earlier…! Lucky Bub has started to laugh and giggle this week (the cutest thing ever) which instantly makes it all worthwhile, until the next time I go outside and melt, of course.

S xx


Sophia is a new mum, slowly adapting to the many changes that a new baby brings to life. She is a keen writer and adventurer who loves to travel, although now considers leaving the house and walking around Kennedy Town, where she lives, an adventure in itself (ah, how times change post baby).

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