Wander Cubs

Mompreneur: Florentyna
Business: Wander Cubs


Florentyna is a mother of one and started Wandercubs in July 2017. Florentyna has traveled most of her life for work in the fashion industry and since giving birth to her little monkey in 2015, she decided to start her own venture that helps take the stress away when on their family adventures!

Travelling with a baby can be mentally and emotionally stressful for parents and more and more families are traveling more frequently throughout the year. Florentyna decided this was a good niche to focus on! She has been able to find some great unique products that works for both parents and children.

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Here at Wander Cubs we know the trials and tribulations of travelling with our little loved ones. The art of adventure takes on a whole new dimension when we have to take care of more than just ourselves in new, exciting and unfamiliar environments. From planes to trains we’ve got you covered. We here at Wander Cubs have carefully selected a selection of products with the aim of making your holidays and adventures as relaxed and trouble free as possible…   From items you may not have thought of, to products that do just what is needed, rest assured we have your travel needs covered for you and the family.  Many also make the perfect gift for any new arrivals and parents who are still working out the do’s and do not’s of the awesome early years!

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